Welcome to the unofficial web site about Ludwikowice Kłodzkie

Welcome to the unofficial website in full dedicated to a picturesque Village situated in Sowie Mountains. We have prepared for you materials presenting very interesting and turbulent history of Ludwikowice Kłodzkie.

Geographical location of the village is its greatest asset. The local areas are known for many tourist attractions and interesting places that are worth visiting.

Surrounding mountains offer trails of various levels of difficulty running through the most beautiful parts of the mountains. During the walks you can admire a beautiful nature, picturesque corners and breathtaking views.

Along the village, which basically is a small town, there is a road connecting all major cities in the area. Roads are always drivable, and lodging in nearby guesthouses is a great place for further trips.

For nonmotorized, we suggest traveling across one of the most picturesque railway routes in the country. Numerous viaducts and long tunnels will make the trip very varied. The longest tunnel on the route is 1601 meters long and the highest viaduct is 40 meters high. The entire line runs from 300 to 600 meters above sea level.

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