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50°36'54.4"N 16°27'49.4"E
50°36'57.9"N 16°27'31.6"E
50°37'00.2"N 16°27'27.6"E
50°37'19.4"N 16°27'06.1"E
50°37'20.4"N 16°27'06.3"E
50°37'20.1"N 16°27'06.7"E
50°37'36.0"N 16°27'09.8"E
50°37'31.3"N 16°26'52.3"E
50°37'33.0"N 16°26'58.7"E
50°37'18.4"N 16°27'51.5"E
50°37'18.6"N 16°27'51.8"E
50°37'05.5"N 16°28'26.9"E
50°37'08.7"N 16°28'57.8"E
50°37'09.4"N 16°28'47.1"E
50°37'11.1"N 16°28'19.4"E
50°37'17.2"N 16°28'05.8"E
50°37'17.1"N 16°28'09.4"E
50°37'17.4"N 16°28'13.5"E
50°37'17.2"N 16°28'14.3"E
50°37'17.2"N 16°28'14.3"E
50°37'12.4"N 16°28'31.8"E
50°37'10.0"N 16°28'34.4"E
50°37'09.8"N 16°28'34.4"E
50°37'09.1"N 16°28'35.8"E
50°37'02.6"N 16°28'43.3"E
50°37'01.7"N 16°28'44.6"E
50°37'00.7"N 16°28'48.5"E
50°37'03.1"N 16°28'45.9"E
50°37'01.3"N 16°28'52.5"E
50°36'57.7"N 16°28'59.7"E
50°36'54.1"N 16°29'12.7"E
50°36'49.5"N 16°29'15.8"E
50°36'49.5"N 16°29'15.8"E
50°36'49.6"N 16°29'12.4"E
50°36'52.9"N 16°29'03.1"E
50°36'56.3"N 16°28'34.5"E
50°36'58.9"N 16°28'32.8"E
50°37'01.3"N 16°28'31.9"E
50°36'58.3"N 16°28'33.5"E
50°36'56.2"N 16°28'26.7"E

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