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Flying saucers

During WWII many Allies Pilots have seen very bright spherical objects the size of a football in many cases in close distance to bombers flight (squadron). Some people believe in extra terrestrial origin of those mysterious spheres. According to the latest information they could be created by Germans for purpose of disrupting systems of communication or navigation in Allies planes.

Spheres described above could be one of many Nazis inventions well ahead of their times like e.g. missile V2 equipped with early processors or build in cameras on missiles designed for precision air strikes.

Project “Chronos” belongs without the doubt to those well advanced technologies. Its main target was to create super propulsion that was based on theory of gravity and was using two large spinning discs filled with mercury (quicksilver) to create strong magnetic fields that could be used to drive futuristic flying machines. The propulsion was named “Glocke”-eng.”Bell” because of its shape.

Most likely tests of the prototypes were successful because some German sources holds information about flying machines called “Vrill” and “Haunebu” which could travel with speed of 6000 km/h.(nearly five times speed of sound). Its propulsion was based on spinning discs – probably “Glocke”.

Machines “Vrill” and “Haunebu” resembled very closely something that is often described as UFO because were shaped like saucers and were glaring during flight. Most theories regarding propulsions used by UFO are nearly the same as those used by Nazis in their pioneering flying machines.

Nobody knows what happened to project “Chronos “after WWII – there are theories about moving the whole thing to Argentina or to secret location in the Antarctic. Large mission to the Antarctic conducted by American Admiral Richard Byrd and his 4000 troopers followed by battle ship and aircraft carrier could support that theory but Expedition was largely unsuccessful and Americans suffered massive loss of their machines. What caused Admiral Byrd to fail?- Still remaining a mystery.

Many facts supporting the theory, that large part in creating those mysterious objects could be related to German mystical organizations acting on behalf of “SS” and working on recovering long forgotten mysterious knowledge used by our ancestors. There was many expeditions to Tibet, South America or Far East organised by Nazis during which they probably discovered some old scrolls upon which they later based all works regarding flying objects propelled by gravity or magnetic fields.

Very likely German flying saucers were constructed also in Poland - places called Książ, Ludwikowice Kłodzkie, Głuszyca, Walim, Rzeczka could be only few on much bigger list.

After WWII many attempts to uncover underground facilities were undertaken. Some objects were explored but nothing substantial was discovered. Most works were dropped later for no reason and still undiscovered parts are well protected by old German security and decoy devices.


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